Hotel Catifornia - 5 Star Catttery
Hotel Catifornia - 5 Star Catttery

The cattery as a whole and the pens

View of the garden with pens in the background

The cattery is T shaped, set in its own garden with trees, hanging baskets and troughs. The veranda behind Tallulah is attached to a separate chalet building serving as reception and office where we often sell excess produce and eggs to raise funds for The Cats Protection League. The bird feeder attracts all kinds of birdlife as we are just two miles from Minsmere. This is set in a fenced off part of our garden quite close to the house. Our own garden stretches down into a meadow and overlooks farmland so is very peaceful. Security is important. There are two entrances both lockable inside and out and padlocked at night.

Inside, a corridor runs by the pens and each pen faces onto this. The run has a door with catflap and a window topped by a ladder.


Monty is lolling on what we call the “ladder shelf” as it tops the ladder. Behind him is the sleeping pen which has two shelves, the top for food and water (called the Restaurant Shelf) and another lower down, sometimes housing the sleeping basket. The square on the wall is the electric heating panel. The door currently open shows the catflap.

Milo and Marley

Marley and Milo show how they enjoy occasionally being in separate “rooms”!

In winter we keep the cats in the sleeping pen to keep them warm but they have the option of coming through the flap if they prefer. There are plans for a brand new roof being installed in 2023

Cats looking out on the garden

Phoebe and Pi are also on the ladder shelf watching something in the garden

Eddie with toys

Eddie is enjoying a rest with his toys on what we call the Viewing Shelf. This is by the entrance door of his run facing the garden. He loves watching the birds up there.

Hugo with Lottie

Hugo is in the run of Pen No 8 and hoping he will catch that naughty chicken (Lettie) attempting to get in.

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