Hotel Catifornia - 5 Star Catttery
Hotel Catifornia - 5 Star Catttery

How to book

We would recommend contacting us by telephone on 01728 635736 to check the required dates are available especially if giving short notice and particularly during busy times such as Easter, Christmas and from May through til October.

For new clients

Having established the dates are available we recommend you visit to inspect the premises and meet us. At this time we can fill in a registration form, go through the terms and conditions and accept a deposit of £25.00.

It is important that the times and dates of delivery and collection are accurate. This is because during busy periods there is not much time allocated for cleaning between cats leaving and cats coming in. If you choose to deliver or collect your cat outside of these days ie a day later for delivery or earlier for collection you will be charged for the dates agreed at booking. We will ask you to sign your acceptance of the dates you request at each booking.

Cancellations or changes to the booking dates must be made with at least two weeks’ notice unless cancellation is due to illness or accident. If notice is not given we will charge seven days per cat or the full cost of the booking if shorter than this.

During peak times the demand for our pens has increased so dramatically that we have to turn away bookings as we were full. The recommendation is that you book Puss in as soon as you have made your arrangements for being away.

On delivery of your pets we must see the latest vaccination record before your cat is allowed in. We also request that your cat has been wormed and had a flea treatment using veterinary prescribed products.

For existing clients

Please call us to check the dates are available. We require accurate dates as stated above. We will need a text or an email to provide written confirmation that these are the dates you wish to reserve.

When your cat has had the annual booster please remember to bring the record to update our records.

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