Terms and conditions

Our promise to you:

  1. We, at Hotel Catifornia, will provide comfortable, well heated and ventilated, clean accommodation for your cat(s) during their stay.
  2. We will feed them twice a day, provide fresh water and ensure their litter trays are kept clean.
  3. We will provide toys and give them lots of strokes, cuddles and plenty of attention.
  4. We can accommodate particularly sensitive or nervous cats in a quiet area.
  5. We have isolation facilities for any cats that become ill.
  6. We reserve the right to take any cat considered to be ill to our local vets (Fromus in Saxmundham). We would contact you to inform you of this development.  All vets fees will be charged to you at cost as the owner.
  7. We have carried out a fire risk assessment, have fire safety equipment in the cattery and have a fire escape procedure to ensure all cats are evacuated safely.
  8. We provide four food selections within the price. Owners are requested to bring their own food if their pet(s) is/are on special diets.  Requests for fresh fish or meat every day will incur a charge of £1.00 per cat per day.
  9. We can medicate cat(s) orally but would ask that detailed, written instructions are left with us to ensure the correct dosage.
  10. We accept all neutered cats.
  11. We require information about you the owner and your pets for our records. We will never share this information with any other party whatsoever under the current Data Protection legislation (with the exception of the use of the local vet but we would attempt to obtain your permission before sharing any information).


Your agreement with us:

  1. A copy of the booking form as well as a signed copy of this agreement must be received at the time of reserving a pen(s) for your cat(s) holiday. We also require a deposit of £25.00 per cat per holiday to secure the booking.  This will be deducted from your final bill which will be payable in full on collection.
  2. All cats must be vaccinated against feline enteritis and feline respiratory disease and these annual vaccinations should have taken place not less than two weeks before the boarding dates. No cats will be boarded without vaccination certificates.
  3. Please ensure your cat(s) are brought in a pet carrier which we will retain in the locked office in case of emergency evacuation.
  4. Cancellations are acceptable up to one month before the boarding date. Cancellations within one month will incur a charge of £25.00 per cat.
  5. Whilst every effort is made on our part to adequately feed and care for your cat, we cannot be responsible for any weight loss or illness that may develop whilst in our care.
  6. Whilst we will endeavour to ensure all areas within the cattery gardens, building, walkways and parking areas are in good repair, customers must accept that this is a rural location and we cannot accept any responsibility for injuries obtained whilst on site.


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