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Suzi and Nick Cooper welcome you to our new site.
(All of the pictures shown on the website are of our guests being cared for by us over the last two years since we opened.  Harley left enjoying the sunshine, Charlie Bagginz, top right, lolling in the window and Eddie with his favourite toy, Frog)
We offer:
  • A rural, peaceful but secure location in East Suffolk
  • 15 purpose build pens each housing up to two cats
  • Heated sleeping quarters
  • Four separate upper level viewing shelves
  • Comfortable baskets and bedding
  • Toys and TLC
  • A vast variety of food options, wet and dry
  • Experience with all cats, pedigree, feral, timid or boisterous
  • All ages catered for from small playful kittens through to ailing elderly cats
  • Medication administered

We will be adding to the website as soon as we can but please bear with us for now.

You can call for more information until we get the site complete on

01728 635 736

You can also find us on facebook ( which details opening hours and prices plus shows reviews from customers.

The Granary
Main Road
Theberton (Nr Leiston)
Suffolk IP16 4RX

Registered company Hotel Catifornia Limited